Earth Day


23. April 2020

Today it’s Earth Day and maybe we can say Earth day is every day.
How can we celebrate, despite many of us being locked down in flats? 
How does the sky meet you today? 
How do other-than-human beings greet your eyes, your senses, today?
How does fresh air and clean water nourish you today?
Can you perhaps take a sweet moment to celebrate, to feel and invite a prayer into this large council of all beings, for life to thrive?
Can you pause and rest on the Earth’s body, and lean in her arms feeling you belong here, in this world, at this time? 
Can you set an intention for the Earth and our future together with her?
Remembering the words by Black Elk, “As you walk upon the sacred earth, treat each step as a prayer.”
What is your personal way of practicing this quality today?
(by Telma)
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